March 23, 2022

Get in My Deli! Bagelmania on Food Paradise

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After a long night in Las Vegas, nothing pays out like a big deli breakfast. Just a block north of the strip is Siegel’s Bagelmania. you can’t miss it. Just look for the giant bagel.

Judith: Bagelmania is not your regular old deli.

Stephen: You walk in and your eyes go everywhere. Everything is wow here. it’s the ultimate Las Vegas deli.

Narrator: Stephen and Judith Siegel loved the original Bagelmania so much, they bought the company.

Stephen: It’s been around since 1989. We’ve been customers of Bagelmania since we’ve been in Vegas for about 15 years. one day were having breakfast in here and I went to go pay my bill, and the previous owner said, “I need you to buy this place, Steve.”

Narrator: So he did. not long after, he opened this new location. Equal parts market, deli counter and restaurant. With a focus on creating a classic Jewish deli in Vegas.

Stephen: We went back to the old way of doing menus for Jewish delis, with just having very large menus with a lot of items on the menu.

Narrator: Including some of the best breakfasts in town, like this winning hand, the maple-bacon “DoughCro®” pancakes. The pancake pit boss in this kitchen is general manager Gary Haarklau, aka Uncle G.

Uncle G: we use two different flours. One is a gluten flour, one is a pastry flour. When you combine them two, they create that light, fluffy look in the pancake that we’re looking for.

Narrator: The surprise ingredients for these pancakes is a pudding-like wet mixture consisting of eggs, mashed bananas, sugar and a few other Siegel secrets.

Uncle G: This is gonna make that over-the-top kinda flavor. i can lick that right off the spoon. it’s so good.

Narrator: He whisks in water until the consistency is just right.

Uncle G: There you go, you got that nice, deep color which is what we’re looking for.

Narrator: Gary ladles out three huge eight ounce flapjacks on the flat-top.

Uncle G: So, as that’s sizzling on the bottom and you can see, the bubbles forming, then we put our fresh bananas right into the mix. The reason we put them on top like this here is so that we flip and they caramelize nice and they don’t get lost inside the batter or the dough.

Narrator: He carefully gives it a flip.

Uncle G: Look at that perfect color. Caramelized nice.

Narrator: And once they’re finished, he stacks them all on a plate and tops it with a maple-bacon DoughCro®, a mashup of a doughnut and croissant made by their sister store, Pinkbox Doughnuts®.

Uncle G: As you can see, the doughnut has bacon on it but that ain’t enough bacon for us. We go over the top with the bacon as well.

Narrator: He makes it snow with powdered sugar and serves it up with a side of butter and warm maple syrup.

Uncle G: Everybody talks about chips, but in Vegas, this is the only stack you need.

Woman: I want a piece of everything. mmm… the banana inside is so warm. Very good. wow, it’s amazing. Is that a banana pancake under there? delicious. With the doughnut and the butter, it’s heaven.

Man: The bacon mixed with the syrup.

Woman: Feels really good, huh? very good.

Man: You know i love bananas but I’ve never had it with baked into the pancake. It gives you a good flavor. Especially with this syrup.

Woman: It has a crunch, when you hit the top of the doughnut, but then it’s nice and soft in the middle.

Woman: I like the DoughCro®. I’ve had a plenty maple-bacon donuts in my life but, this is something different.

Narrator: Of course, morning can start kind of late in Las Vegas. and sometimes it’s best to skip right to lunch. Order’s up for their classic jelly super stack, the ultimate triple-decker.

The best pastrami on rye in Las Vegas
The best pastrami on rye in Las Vegas

Uncle G: This is what we live for. Us deli guys. This is our ultimate triple-decker sandwich. We start with our delicious in-house, double-baked rye bread.

Narrator: That’s right. from the mixing to the rolling out to the baking, everything for their rye is done right there in their bakery.

Uncle G: Once it’s done baking, we take it out of the pans, we sprinkle it with a little bit of water, we throw it back in the oven again for a good eight to ten minutes which gives it that nice, hearty crust, that we love for our sandwiches.

Narrator: And after those get sliced, Uncle G mixes up a deli staple.

Uncle G: No sandwich would be right in a Jewish deli without Russian dressing. I’ve been making some Russian dressings for over 35 years. And it’s gotten better I think, with age, just like me.

Narrator: Mayonnaise, ketchup and relish are the base.

Uncle G: Next we’re gonna add our secret dry ingredient and last but not least, we’re gonna add our secret liquid ingredient.

Narrator: A quick stir and it’s time to deal out this deli beast.

Uncle G: And we’re ready for the flop. We start out with our first layer. The Russian dressing, we slather it on there, then we take our corned beef, place it right there on the center.

Narrator: He heaps on some house made coleslaw.

Uncle G: Don’t be afraid. this is a messy sandwich, folks.

Narrator: Then he repeats the process, with more dressing, another huge amount of meat, this time pastrami, more coleslaw and a Russian-coated top hat.

Uncle G: It’s not an easy sandwich to slice. So, we’re gonna stick these stakes through the sandwich.

Narrator: A careful cut and he gets in on a plate with some onion rings.

Uncle G: The ultimate triple-decker, the ultimate deli sandwich.

Woman: Oh, my lord! Can you eat that?

Woman: It looks incredible. the pastrami is out of this world. It’s so good. it’s very tender. It feels like I’m eating delicious slow-roasted brisket, but it’s a deli meat.

Woman: Oh, my god. I’m back in Philadelphia. This is great. It’s lean corned beef. It’s really hard to get that at a deli. And it has to be, for me, mixed with Russian dressing on the sandwich. It’s the way you do it.

Woman: I do love the hard crust on the rye bread. It tastes like homemade rye bread for sure. I think this is one of the biggest sandwiches I’ve ever seen.

Narrator: Whether it’s for breakfast or lunch, Siegel’s Bagelmania in Vegas, will definitely cover the spread.

Woman: This sandwich is definitely the best bet in Vegas.

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